5 crystals to protect your home from negative energy

We all want to protect our homes against unwelcome energies, and we don't want anyone or anything to disturb our peace. Your home is your haven.

Here are five suggested crystals to use around your home to ensure it remains free of negativity and is always a peaceful, positive space. 


Clear Quartz: A master healer and cleanser, Clear Quartz will naturalise any unwanted energy, bringing the space back to a calm, harmonious zone. It also cleanses your other crystals and amplifies their properties, so pairing this with any other protective crystal will pack the ultimate punch. 

Black Tourmaline: This super protective crystal absorbs negative energy and attracts positivity into your life while keeping you grounded and connected to the earth

Obsidian: Perfect for shifting any stagnant energy, black Obsidian cleanses your space and makes your home feel fresh and lively. It's a stone that can also heighten your intuition, making you wiser to those you allow into your home. 

Tigers Eye: A stone of strength and courage, it wards against anyone who may come to your home with ill intention. It brings feelings of safety and comfort.

Selenite: A self-cleansing crystal that absorbs and dispels negativity. It promotes harmony, balance and pure intentions.


Here are a few suggestions on how to use your protective crystals around your home:

  • Placing them at the entry to your home will ensure that anyone entering will have their energy cleansed so that nothing unwanted hangs around even after they have left.
  • You can create a protective perimeter by placing them in the corners of your house/room or above the windows looking out. Doing so will create an energy shield from every entry.
  • Place them above the frame of any window or door where people or energy may enter so that the crystal can absorb any negativity before it reaches you.


Use your instincts when selecting your crystals and deciding where to place them. What may work for one person may not work for the next. Listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you. 


You can use crystals to protect your home against unwelcome energy. Placing them around your house creates a protective shield to ensure your space remains safe and peaceful.

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