About Us

We believe that crystals are for everyone. Whether you are drawn to their energies or admire their looks, everyone is welcome at Anay Crystals. We won't tell you what crystals you can or can't have, and you will never hear us telling you that you must cleanse them either. What we will do, however, is share our knowledge of them - both spiritual and scientific- so that you can experience crystals in your own way, on your own terms.

We are on a mission to inspire and educate all crystal lovers no matter where they are on their journey. We hand-pick all our gorgeous gems to ensure they are genuine and of the highest quality- something we are incredibly proud of.

Our collections are designed to be functional and practical ways to enjoy your favourite stones and experience their unique beauty in every part of your life.


So, whats makes ANAY different?

Many businesses sell crystals and crystal jewellery, but what makes us different is that we don't have to rely on information from suppliers to tell us about the quality or identification of our crystals. All of our crystal and gem materials are hand-selected and identified by Ana, a fully qualified Gemmologist of over 14 years so that we can guarantee your ANAY jewellery and crystals contain nothing but natural, genuine gems and any treatments disclosed. 

Who is behind the brand? 

Ana – Founder / Gemmologist / Artist

Ana combines her creative skills, scientific knowledge, and spiritual beliefs to create bespoke pieces that focus on displaying the natural beauty of gems. She graduated as a Gemmologist in 2008 and is a former educator at the Gemmological Association of Australia. She is passionate about sharing her love of crystals from both scientific and spiritual perspectives


Liza – Co-Owner / Operations

With a background in operations and administration, Liza manages a lot of the work behind the scenes. Liza works closely with suppliers and customers to ensure ANAY Crystals is always providing the best experience and crystals available. Liza also practices Lapidary art where she hand picks, cuts and polishes beautiful crystals that form part of our collections