About Us

At Anay Crystals, we believe in the magic and beauty of crystals for everyone. Whether you're captivated by their energy or their aesthetic appeal, we have a crystal for you. We offer no restrictions or mandates on how to enjoy your crystals - no must have lists or special cleansing rituals. Instead, we impart our extensive knowledge, both spiritual and scientific, allowing you to explore and experience the world of crystals on your own terms.

Our mission is to enlighten and educate crystal enthusiasts at every stage of their journey. We meticulously hand pick each crystal ensuring they are authentic and of superior quality, a practice we take great pride in.

We curate our collections to be practical yet captivating, allowing you to incorporate your favourite stones into every area of your life and experience their unique beauty.

So, what sets Anay Crystals apart?

While many businesses sell crystals and crystal jewellery, Anay stands out because of our in depth expertise. We aren't dependent on supplier information to determine the quality or identification of our crystals. Instead, each crystal and gem material we offer is hand selected and identified by Ana, our founder and a fully accredited Gemmologist with over 15 years of experience. This ensures that your Anay pieces contain only natural, genuine gems, with any treatments fully disclosed.


About the team 

Ana- Founder of Anay Crystals

Ana is the beating heart of Anay Crystals. As a founder, Gemmologist, and artist, she infuses her creativity, scientific expertise, and spiritual beliefs into creating bespoke pieces that showcase the natural beauty of crystals. Ana graduated as a Gemmologist in 2008 and formerly taught at the Gemmological Association of Australia. Her passion lies in sharing her love of crystals from both scientific and spiritual viewpoints, making Anay Crystals a unique brand backed by certified expertise.


Liza- Co Owner & Operations

Harnessing her expertise in operations and administration, Liza is the powerhouse that keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes at ANAY Crystals. Collaborating closely with suppliers and customers, she ensures that we always deliver high quality experiences and the finest crystals on the market. But that's not all, Liza is also a skilled practitioner of the ancient art of Lapidary, personally selecting, cutting, and polishing the stunning crystals that become a part of our collections.