Here you can find answers to come common questions

What metal do you use?

All the metals used in our jewellery are plated and tarnish resistant. This means they have a protective coating to keep them shining and looking brand new for longer. 

Can I wear my jewellery in the shower?

It is not recommended that any jewellery be worn into a bath/shower as it may harm the metals. It can also cause damage to your crystals.

When will my order be posted?

We ask that you allow 5 to 7 business days for your order to be processes. Our collection pieces are made to order and most of our necklaces still need to be put onto chains that we measure, cut and assemble by hand. This process takes time and as a small business, we do not have the capacity to do this overnight. We do aim to get orders out in the mail as soon as we can while ensuring your items are made and packaged to our high standards

If I pay for express post, will it get here faster?

Express postage is for the postage system only. This means the carrier will handle your parcel as a priority and it will arrive faster than if it were sent via standard post. This option is not a rush order fee, so your order will still be processed by us in up to 7 business days. Express postage is only relating to the shipping time itself. 

Can I buy crystals even if I don't believe in their properties?

100% yes! Crystals are for everyone, for any reason, and we encourage everyone to enjoy their beauty and uniqueness. 

Can I wear more than one crystal at a time?

Absolutely! You can wear the crystals that feel right for you, as many as that may be! The only time you need to take care with wearing multiple is if a crystal is fragile so that it does not get damaged by other crystals or jewellery. 

Do I need to cleanse my new crystals?

The idea of cleansing crystals is personal, and we encourage you to do this if it feels right for you. There is no rule book about how to use crystals, so it is entirely up to you. If you do feel moved to do this, here are some tips you may like to use-
  • Keep your crystals with other crystals that cleanse like Selenite and Clear Quartz
  • Keep a bow/jar of salt near your crystals
  • Use the smoke of incense, smidge stick etc