A gentle, nurturing crystal that supports you through change, brings feelings of comfort and gives you the confidence to express your feelings

Fancy Agate Tumbled Crystal

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Stability | Comfort | Nurturing

Fancy Agate is a nurturing crystal with soothing energy that helps to improve your communication and supports you in working through emotions. It promotes comfort and safety in times of self-doubts and encourages you to have faith in yourself. If you are experiencing many changes and feeling overwhelmed, Fancy Agate will help you stay calm and centred.

Did you know?

Fancy Agate is a trade name for a variety of Chalcedony that has earthy tones in a mottled like pattern instead of distinct bands that is typical for Agate.

*Price for 1 tumbled Crystal

This image is to show the quality of the item you will receive. The item in the photo may differ slightly from the item you receive. Please note that all gemstone material used is natural and therefore may contain surface flaws. Colours may vary depending on screen resolution and settings. Crystal properties are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. The spiritual properties of crystals are intuitive and are not legally binding.