Mookaite is thought to boost intuition and deepen one's spiritual connection with nature, fostering inner harmony and growth

Mookaite Wrap - Gold 20 Inch length

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A gentle healer that helps you work though emotions and think with a calm, clear mind. Mookaite keeps you grounded which is perfect for those of us who often feel overwhelmed. It is full of soothing vibes that encourage you to embrace all the new opportunities that present in front of you without fear and full of enthusiasm 

Did you know?...

The only known source of Mookaite is in Mooka Creek, WA, Australia.

Details: Pendant: approx  4 x 2 cm in size. Wrapped in a tarnish-resistant wire and chain.  If you would like a different chain length, please let us know in the comment box at checkout 
The item in the photo is the exact item you will receive. Please note that all gemstone material used is natural and therefore may contain surface flaws. Colours may vary depending on screen resolution and settings. Crystal properties are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. The spiritual properties of crystals are intuitive and are not legally binding.